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Sprint Retro with "The Three Little Pigs"

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Lately, I ran a sprint retrospective with the popular nursery fable "The Three Little Pigs"

Sprint retrospectives are not only to find what went well/wrong and to improve in the last sprint. Retros should serve a greater purpose. Utilize this time to pause and inspect how we can make a bigger impact in terms of building our products, standards, culture, team harmony and more.

I like to try different retrospectives styles. This time it was a nursery fable.

My fable-based Sprint retrospective kicked-off with narrating the story "Three Little Pigs" - a story that most participants knew since their childhood. Nostalgic! Everyone enjoyed the story (and I enjoyed being the teller)

After the story, we looked at a few of our past sprints and the work we conducted recently.

In only a few minutes, the entire team consolidated their thoughts and fed them to the digital board. We had 3 columns on the digital retro board:

  1. House of straws – what do we do that just about hangs together, but could topple over at any minute?

  2. House of sticks – what do we do that is pretty solid, but could be improved?

  3. House of bricks – what do we do that is rock solid?

We all dot-voted on the cards and picked the cards for discussions, highest voted first.

Towards the end of the retrospective, we learned a lot from the conversation. We produced a very good layout of thoughts, as the action items. 

The retro with nursery fable was full of fun and joy.

|Slideshare link to the fable.|


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